sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

A small vice. Yeah! hahaha

I have no doubt that you are the love of my life.
We're like the lyrics and melody. Combine.
Realized my dream... you loved me and truly loved.
You always saw me as a friend and a sister, so I was afraid of risking and losing the wrong time your heart.
This time it's all real! Nothing fancy!
I get near you and started laughing with embarrassment.
It was very good these three days...
If they ask me if you ever loved me with all the joy of the world will say yes and that was very good.

terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

We'll always be so, we'll never fit.
I wanted to learn to tell you: no.
My silence speaks a thousand words.
Instead you heal my wounds, you only open one more in my heart.
You can talk, I'm here to listen, and always will be.

I would do anything for you anything you did not do for me.
Um dia você vai encontrar alguém que mereça você e o seu amor, ele vai te amar muito, e fazer qualquer coisa pra te ver feliz, até mesmo se afastar de você se for pro seu bem, e você vai ama-lo igualmente.
Maria Kim
After that I forgot I was much better!
I already told you I love you? And you believed it?
So I cried, cried, cried. And I lived and learned that I can live without you.
I wonder what I got wrong for you not love me.
You know how much I love you? Do not even try to understand why it will take.

domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Sometimes I think of you forget, but how can I forget the best part of me?
I am the letter and you are the melody.
The words to describe my love for you? Not yet been invented...
To me you're like oxygen, if I go without you I die.
Just complete me...
I love you so much...
My favorite hero? JESUS!

I began to realize the effect you have over me. My heart races, you and I seem to fit me.
How much you mean to me: a love story without end, without a kiss is the ultimate power of that love. Nothing will separate us, like the moon and the sea.
Sometimes I think I'm a frying pan because all I find their cover less...
You're the other half of the orange, you're the other part of my heart, is the other part of me.